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Right for the training, it’s simple, it’s one on one and the methods are adjusted for your Bullies character.

 Last Up-Dated 03/02/2021

So what works with one may not work with the other, so I work closely with you, see what your dog responds to and adapt accordingly.

This does not happen in an hour, I spend a day with you. Yes a full day. I like to work in the fresh air, in the countryside, then maybe, if needed, relative to the problem, move to a built up busy area with other distractions and stimuli.

At the end of that day I would like to think that for a lot of the problems encountered you will have the tools to deal with your particular problem and your character of Bull Terrier. I would then ask to see you around 3 to four days later at the very least within 7 days to see how you are getting on and help adjust any difficulties that arise during unsupervised training.

With more substantial difficulties it might take more time, so obviously that is tailored to your dogs requirements. At the end of the session your Bully will know what you expect and you will see the results and have had the proof you need to see it working. Then you both have to work hard with a need to stick to what you have been shown and be consistent over the subsequent months. No, there is no such thing as a quick fix, yes you will see results during the course on the day but you must work at it to get consistency. Nothing is more rewarding than working with your dog and the more you put in the more you will get back.

If your issues relate to say aggression with other dogs I use my own bullies to help you overcome those problems. Not many people can help you to that level; I can and do but obviously under very strict conditions. Nobody teaches a dog quicker or better than another dog.

Why English Bull Terriers ?
We do know there is no official English Bull Terrier dog breed, we also know people do search on the web for English Bull Terriers.
To help as many bullies as we can.

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Achieving a great relationship with your dog

Achieving a great relationship with your dog is true success.

Throughout the whole programme I am always on the end of the telephone to help you, never will you be left in the lurch. If you encounter a problem I cannot answer, I will say so and then find a Bull Terrier owner who has experienced your problem and pass on the information on that worked for them.

Many will say you can’t teach a Bull Terrier "they are thick or stupid". Heard it so many times but if you have ever spent much time with the breed you soon realise they appear stupid and you soon realise why! Quite simply it suits them, they are the clown in a kids suit but in reality they are very sensitive and extremely intelligent. Add to this level of intelligence a rather large dose of obstinacy and you have a best mate who does not learn like a Sheep dog or Poodle. You need to come to an arrangement with a little negotiation. How are your negotiating skills?

Have you ever as much as sighed in despair when trying to get your Bullie to do as asked? Well if you have you have already lost, the Bullie has got you. Just like a human child they use and read body language and much more effectively than us adults. Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years so they are programmed to respond to human body language.

They use that intelligence to ensure they have the easiest simplest comfortable life. The not getting off the sofa even after being asked loads of times. They know you want them off they are just grabbing an extra few seconds on the sofa doing it in their own time. Giving you that look as they finally slide off. As opposed to knowing that it’s Saturday so time to go running on the hills, knowing a car engine of someone they want to greet or telling you its dinner time! How about when they have seen other wildlife in your garden. Not silly then are they.

So all training is such that the Bullie is asked to think, he or she is challenged and their mind engaged. Allied to positive reinforcement this proves to the Bullie that when they act in a correct manner they have a brilliant time. When I have helped you master a couple of these techniques, together we can use them to address the problems you are encountering.

When I work with you I like you to bring 2 leads, one normal one for everyday street walking and then a longer lead for playtime. I like all the dogs whilst training to use a specific collar. The confirmation of a Bull Terriers head and neck mean that ordinary collars will slip over the ears and the dog is lose. The best collar to use is the Half Check but it must be properly adjusted. The half check must fit by sliding over the head, not the clip closed variety and with adjusters.

Before the half check became available the option preferred by many was a full choke chain. These were suitable for the knowledge of those years but it has been proved time and time again that a lot of damage has been caused by excessive or untrained use of such types. All other collars that I have used on a Bull Terriers determined to make trouble have slid off. Harness's I do not agree with except for medical circumstances. Again Bull Terriers can and have escaped out of them by reversing. In one instance I know a pup under 10mths old managed to escape 3 times in one-hour walk another slipped the harness and was hit by a car! So I am unwilling to work with you if you are not prepared to use this type of collar simply because I cannot afford any problems with your Bullies possibly getting free whilst we train together. As I have said I like to work with you in an outdoor environment similar to real life rather than a covered enclosed area thus confronting you with the problems you experience in every day life.

If we have arranged to meet out somewhere then please consider water for your Bull Terrier and now for the best bits some treats that your dog loves, be it fruit or meat and their favourite toy, preferably something like a tuggy, not a football.

I watch you walk your Bully and see how they interact with you. From this solid base I commence with the training and teach you the methods relative to your problems. Adding stimuli as we go and overcoming any hurdles we encounter on this journey. With the training occurring outside there is little prospect of boredom setting in so allowing the whole experience to be fun and a joy for the Bullie if not a touch tiring for both of you. Guaranteed you will both sleep well at the end of the day.