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You are probably now asking who am I that I make such bold statements ?

 Last Up-Dated 03/02/2021

I have had English Bull Terriers around me since I was knee high to a grasshopper. My stepfather had them all his life and his mother used to breed them. 20 plus years ago I started finding English Bull Terriers in rescue centres so I started to help save them from these kennels.

So I have lived and breathed English Bull Terriers for over 40 plus years and horses for 20 of my early years. Below is a picture of me in my formative years with one of the Romany lines. Romany Regulus I do believe for the aficionados among you. Oh and I am not the one with the dark hair and cigar!

Why English Bull Terriers ?
We do know there is no official English Bull Terrier dog breed, we also know people do search on the web for English Bull Terriers.
To help as many bullies as we can.

Sykes Wessex Eyeshiner

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Bullies crave human companionship

Bullies do not do well in kennels they crave human companionship so at times my house has been chaos as witnessed from some of the pics below, which I have added for your amusement. Over the years instead of the problems easing they have become worse, more and more people churning out this breed with no thought to proper breeding programs. Obviously the more Bullies, the more problems, so this site was set up so that those with questions and problems can speak to someone with a life time of experience in this particular breed who is motivated and interested in helping.

Thankfully there are many people out there who can only be described as angels, who help unwanted Bullies giving them foster homes whilst suitable homes are found for them, others do transport runs moving the Bullies around the country, others spend months rehabilitating the Bullies ready for their new homes. These people need our help and support so in my links page I have added a few links to forums and other sites that may be of interest to you. There are many forums and sites out there so I cannot possibly list them all so any not included I apologise to you.

You can be assured that any advice offered is only passed on because it has been tried and tested by myself on Bull Terriers and I know it works. Rather than just studying it from some book I have lived it and those other advisors around me have as well. Reading from books resulted in an Animal Behaviourist chasing a Bull Terrier around the house when he wished to show displeasure at some behaviour. Yes this has happened to a client of mine, they were advised to chase the dog when it performed a certain behaviour. Surely as eggs are eggs chasing a bullie soon becomes a great game and achieves nothing apart from you out of breath and most likely a wrecked house. At worst this chasing could easily result in a fear aggressive Bull Terrier, that is a sight you don’t want to see, its very terrifying when your best friend turns the tables on you and means it!

I would have loved to have made up a problem and just for an hour's fun, got this behaviourist into my house to chase my big fella who is in excess of 30Kg. I bet he would never have chased another English Bull Terrier ever again. A classic example of why many people fail with English Bull Terriers is that they don’t fit the model in the book.

All the information I have gathered over the years has been hard won. Many of the lessons have been painful especially when handling Bullies from unknown backgrounds but never a day have I regretted it. The love and warmth from a happy Bull Terrier is just unconditional and so fulfilling little else in the world matters.

When you are sad a wet nose is shoved in your face and a big wagging tail starts to move. The clown tries to cheer you up. When you’re happy the Bullie will join in and make you laugh harder as they perform their crazy antics. On a cold wet day you curl up in front of an open fire on your sofa you’re best friend will curl up in the crook of your legs and sleep for England. Asking little in return for this love other than you’re kind touch some nice food and a spot in your bed.

Your problems will not be discussed with others unless I want a second opinion and only then with your permission. I ask in return that you do not discuss the methods I show you. It is not that they are secret but more that they are specifically for your character of Bull Terrier and are unlikely work on another Bully with a different character, thus when incorrectly used will cause more problems than they solve.

The only other thing I can say is that you will always hear honesty from me. If I don’t know I will say so but then I will find a solution through my contacts in the Bull Terrier world to aid you.