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I used to help retrain for no charge but that cannot continue.

 Last Up-Dated 03/02/2021

Quite simply the amount of time and miles I have had to travel has began to impact on my work that I do to feed myself and pay the bills. So now there is a charge and if you can come to me it prevents any worries over travelling costs. For the day and half day follow up I charge a flat rate which works out less than the hourly rate charged by most behaviourists but I would ask you to contact me as I do not wish the fee to prevent any Bull Terrier receiving help.

At the end of the day a person having a problem with a Bull Terrier and no specialised help often ends up in a dead end road with little option but to rehouse the dog. This in itself is awful, when, for a few hrs and little help this course of action can be prevented. So drop me an email giving me as much detail as possible.

e-mail the trainer

Tel: 07788839470

Text/SMS: 07788839470

Why English Bull Terriers ?
We do know there is no official English Bull Terrier dog breed, we also know people do search on the web for English Bull Terriers.
To help as many bullies as we can.

Sykes Wessex Eyeshiner

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